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Volume XXX
Spring 2017



Civility Matters

Anthony K. Widemon
Anthony K. Widemon

Hello, my name is Anthony K. Widemon. My wife Robyn and I moved to this truly Special Place on March 18, 2003, nearly 14-years ago. During our life here in the Reno-Sparks Metropolitan Area, we have met many wonderful people. Some of them are very wealthy, some are middle class and some are poor people, but the beautiful people here have truly contributed positively to our lives. There has also been a few unruly characters and some really rude individuals mixed in with the good, I guess, to add some flavor to this great place to live, work and play.

Robyn and I personally thank you all for the education you all have provided to us. Some of you have educated us in areas that we desire to duplicate in our own lives and others have taught us things that we definitely do not want to duplicate in our lives, but all in all you all have educated us in your own special way.

As I view the current political climate in our city, in our nation today and being a concerned citizen, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin and friend, I know and believe that everyone reading this article matters, yes you matter, I matter, we matter, we all matter because “Civility Matters”.

Civility is kindness, consideration toward your fellow human being, it is also being courteous with good manners, thoughtful and respectful for who you are and in your beliefs without degrading anyone else in the process.

Matter is of importance and has significance and is meaningful to an individual or group of individuals. To me now it appears we as a nation have lost our civility to our fellow human being. What does civility mean to you?

It actually takes at least two individuals to have an argument, but only one to be civil. We must always give people an opportunity to be civil and if they fail, you must be civil because it truly matters for our survival. Isn’t it funny how in most disagreements, each person tells their side of the story from the victims point of view?

We all have something in common. Yes, we all do, even someone considered a liar has something in common with an honest person. Both of them desire to be believed. None of us are wrong most of the time nor are any of us right in our beliefs most of the time, but we sure can be civil ALL of the time. I also believe it is wise of us not to fight all of life’s battles because you will be injured in the process.

Reno Art Plaza
Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton
Photo: City of Reno Art Plaza

In closing, I pray that as a nation we survive our selective outrage toward each other because each of us has the ability to contribute into each other’s life in a positive way. We all know something that other’s need to know. Let’s not hate, lets relate. Every Saturday, weather permitting, I am located downtown in Reno, NV at the Art Plaza at the corner of S. Virginia Street and First Street across from the Reno City Hall from 12 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. I would love to speak with you. I believe it would be good for the both of us.

Please note that I believe the Truth is The Truth, Even When It Comes from the Lips of Your Enemy ... because Civility Matters.

Civilly yours,
Anthony K. Widemon
Reno, NV