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Volume XXVI
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Connie and Chris McMullen

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AARP Looks to Educate Marketers as 50+ Becomes Dominant Consumer Demo

AARP has finally launched a campaign that has boomers cheering. The campaign targets millennial media planners and buyers as 50+ demographic numbers climb to 51 percent of all consumer expenditures.

This is great news as most marketing campaigns today are designed for the younger generation of youth in their teens, 20s, and 30s. Most media buyers completely ignore marketing to consumers over 50, as if they do not shop, spend, or still earn money.

AARP's campaign is focused on the millennial media planning and buying audience using slang intended to grab their attention. This breakthrough campaign is designed to mark a milestone moment for people over age 50 now representing 51 percent of all consumer expenditures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' U.S. 2014 Consumer Expenditure Survey released September 2015.

"Our takeover campaign celebrates that we have reached a tipping point – adults 50+ now dominate all consumer spending," said Shelagh Daly Miller, VP, Group Publisher, AARP Media Sales. "Marketers see the value in targeting 50+ adults and understand these consumers can't be ignored as they represent 75 percent more spending power than adults 18-49."

This is great news for aging adults who have noticeably been ignored for years by clothing designers, restaurateurs, gaming, entertainment, and even more blatantly in marketing the Affordable Care Act on Nevada's Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. Boomers are the biggest consumer of health care, yet the young invincibles are the main priority in Nevada, ironically one of the fastest growing states of people 50 plus.

AARP plans to advertise its message in print editions of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, on marketing sites including AdAge, Adweek, Digiday, MediaPost, and eMarketer, on BuzzFeed and across social media, in transit hubs and media agency offices in the largest cities of the U.S.

The ads, color-blocked red with minimal text, feature short and bold slang reading: "DUH," "OBVI," "OMG," and "LEGIT."

We love AARP's direction, and give it a thumbs up on "likes".

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