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Volume XXIV
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Connie and Chris McMullen

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Can Aging Be Prolonged Like the Lifespan of the Fly?

At the University of California at Irvine, professor Michael Rose has been working with the normal fruit fly to expand its lifespan.

Rose is convinced that lessons learned from the Methuselah Flies he has been experimenting with will change the aging process in humans, extending longevity.

Rose is advocating a concept that will redefine what it means to age, to depart from thinking of the body as a building that crumbles overtime. As the human cells begin to die with age, that society discard the idea that deterioration is inevitable.

Rose believes the Paleo Diet will assist longevity beginning at age 40. Consuming foods that mimic what our pre-agricultural ancestors ate will improve ability and help stave off cognitive decline.

Higher protein and fiber, lower carbohydrate, moderate to higher fat intake, higher potassium, lower sodium and higher consumption of various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant phytochemicals will help us maintain mobility, reducing disability as our bodies age. We will reduce falls and injury by maintaining strength and flexibility.

Rose believes that this advancement in basic science will lead us to a public health shift as dramatic as the introduction of antibiotics. In the minds of most people, this concept has yet to prove it will extend life, but create a better quality of health as age continues. The question is will diet and exercise possibly stop the aging process in the 70s if we transition to a scientifically valid Paleo Diet? This shift could change aging in our lifetime if it works.

We know that better nutrition and exercise significantly lowers mortality rates. A diet low in processed sugar and food can stave off diabetes to help live longer, with improved outcomes.

No one wants to find themselves prematurely institutionalized because of cognitive decline, diabetes, loss of muscle tone and balance. If we could educate ourselves to introduce better nutrition with activity, prehaps dementia could be delayed. Prolonging life to date has created an epidemic of boomers developing early onset dementia because we have not learned to take better care of ourselves. There is no cure to help stop the disease, but exercise and proper nutrition can possibly slow it, making living longer more palatable.

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