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Volume XXIII
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Connie and Chris McMullen

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Redefining Retirement Care Expectations

More Boomers are beginning to understand that retirement planning is falling more on their shoulders to assure it is done to meet their own retirement needs for care as they age.

And while the majority of our country's middle-income Boomers expect their retirement to be defined by greater mental stimulation, more physical activity and more personal satisfaction than the retirement of previous generations, they also anticipate their retirement to include less retiree health insurance from former employers (60%), less financial security (47%) and less care provided by family members (47%).

The study, Retirement Care Planning: The Middle-Income Boomer Perspective, which surveyed 1,299 Americans ages 49 to 67 with an annual household income of between $25,000 and $75,000, found that a majority do not believe their retirement care will be the same as it was for previous generations, forcing them to rethink their approach to retirement planning.

Care Perceptions

Boomers characterize retirement care of the past as including reliance on family members for care, nursing homes and moving in with their children— elements of retirement care that will be less common in the future.

Elements of retirement care that Boomers expect to be more common in the future primarily relate to an increased degree of selfreliance and a greater sense of independence from family. They expect care of the future to include the use of remote monitoring technology (78%), independent living communities (78%), high-priced care (76%), outpatient care (74%) and long-term care insurance (72%).

Care Preferences

Boomers are changing expectations for retirement care. Nearly eight times as many Boomers (84%) prefer to receive care at home as those preferring a nursing home facility (11%) or care at the home of one of their children (11%).

Many will prefer to administer their own care, or that their spouse fulfill that role. For personal caregiving requirements, such as assistance with bathing and dressing, Boomers are more likely to rely on help from a home health aide rather than their children.

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